SEO Strategies for Google Search

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Amazon did a study and they found that
every second delayed their website loads
they lose 1% of their revenue that’s a
lot of money sure you’re not as big as
Amazon but it’s roughly the same for
every second your website takes longer
to load you’re gonna lose more revenue
hi everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m
gonna teach you how to speed up your
website the first thing you need to do
is use Google PageSpeed this is a tool
by Google and it’ll show you what’s
causing your website to load slow you
put in your URL it’ll analyze it it’ll
give you a score if you have an amazing
score then great you’re doing a good job
if you have a terrible score it’ll even
show you what to fix to improve your
speed the second thing you should
consider is using the Google EMP
framework a lot of people are coming to
your site on mobile devices mobile
devices in many cases will make up the
majority of your traffic so why not make
your website load super fast for mobile
users and the way you can do this is by
using the Google EMP framework the third
thing you want to consider is using a
CDN a CDN is a content delivery network
what that means is they take your
website and they put it up all over the
globe so let’s say someone’s coming to
your website from India even though your
website is hosted in the US they’ll
replicate your site and put it on a
server in India so that way all the
people in India can see your website
right away they do this by putting your
website and all major regions they even
put your website in all major regions
within the US one company that offers
CDN solutions is Akamai they’re
expensive but they’re really good last
but not least you need a cache your web
pages if you have a wordpress blog this
is really simple you can use a plug-in
called w3 total cache if you don’t have
a wordpress blog reach out to your
developer or your server hosting company
and they’ll tell you how you can cache
your website if you do those things your
site’s gonna load faster and you’re
gonna grow your sales because when
people come to your site they won’t get
frustrated anymore and they’re gonna be
like ah site loads fast I like it might
as well buy you