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how to pick the perfect sunglasses for

your face shape first off you’ll need to

determine what your face shape actually

is to do this grab a dry erase marker a

tube of lipstick a bar of soap or a

pencil any of them will do stand arm

lengths away from a mirror and look

straight ahead carefully trace the

outline of your face on the mirror

surface then take a step back and look

at the resulting shape yours will be one

of the following six types round face

you have a round face if it’s length and

width are almost identical your chin is

small and rounded without any sharp

angles the hairline is smooth and

rounded as well your task is to visually

lengthen your face so choose glasses

with dark frames they narrow the face

and bring its contours closer to an oval

shape to balance your facial proportions

choose a frame where the width is

greater than the height suitable styles

for round faces pointed regular and

square frames cat eyeglasses butterfly

glasses aviators Wayfarers and any

glasses with narrow bridges with a round

face shape you should avoid round

glasses narrow frames those with sharply

defined edges geometrically shaped specs

and any that cover your eyebrows oval

face is your faces length slightly

greater than its width then you have an

oval face your chin is rounded and your

cheekbones form the widest part of your

face the width of your forehead is a

little bigger than that of your jaw in

this case your main goal is to not

disturb your faces perfectly harmonious

proportions lucky you the frame of your

glasses should be as wide as your face

or a little wider make sure that the top

of the frame is in line with your

eyebrows what will suit you nicely

those with smooth lined frames like

rectangular oval or round butterfly

glasses aviators and cat eyes steer

clear of glasses that appear too massive

those with sharply defined edges and

ones with narrow frames

square face a square face has a width

and length that are nearly identical the

chin is broad and angular the cheekbones

jaw and forehead are all of equal width

and the hairline is almost straight

across your task is to soften your face

as sharp angles and visually balance out

your overall facial proportions to

achieve this goal go for large glasses

ones where the width of the frame equals

the width of your face oval round or

teardrop shaped frames glasses with

colorful frames the cat eye style

aviators or frameless glasses not

suitable styles square frames with sharp

corners small narrow and petite frames

and glasses with a frame that’s wider

than your face rectangular face this is

your type if your face is longer than it

is wide the cheekbones jaw and forehead

are all of equal width the chin is broad

and angular and the hairline is almost

straight aim to make your face appear

visually broader go for large massive

looking glasses also make sure they have

thin frames that match your skin tone

some suitable styles for your face are

again large framed glasses aviators with

large frames and glasses with round

frames not suitable styles narrow frames

small glasses and those with bright

colorful frames heart-shaped face you

have a heart-shaped face if your chin is

the narrowest part of your face and your

forehead is the widest this gives the

appearance of a face that gradually

narrows from top to bottom this type

looks kind of like an upside down

triangle your goal is to balance out the

upper portion of your face by making the

lower part appear bulkier massive

looking glasses won’t help at all

they’ll just add more weight to the

upper part you should choose glasses

with frames only as wide as your face

and no bigger you’ve got a lot of styles

to choose from though round glasses

small frames with a narrow bridge those

with low set arms aviators Wayfarers

frameless sorts and neutral colored

frames then again you’ve got a lot of

styles you should avoid glasses with

large and heavy frames those with sharp

pointy outlines ones that cover the

Brow’s butterfly style teardrop shaped

cat eyes and brightly coloured frames

triangular face this face shape is

slightly longer than it is broad the

chin is wide and square

while the cheekbones and forehead are

narrow overall the face becomes narrower

toward the temples what you want to do

is trick the eye to broaden the upper

half of your face while making the lower

portion less conspicuous choose

sunglasses with a large wide frame some

styles to suit your triangular face are

round glasses with bright decorations

aviators cat eyes and frameless just

make sure the glasses themselves are

wide not suitable styles glasses with

square or rectangular frames those with

narrow or small frames and any with

sharp outlines what else is vital when

choosing a pair of sunglasses

number one UV protection if your eyes

get too much UV radiation you can suffer

from problems like cataracts cancer and

burns that’s why to protect yourself

from such risks pick sunglasses that

block at least 95 percent of UV rays

don’t buy sunglasses labeled cosmetic or

those that don’t give you any

information about UV protection number 2

comfortable fit sunglasses shouldn’t

feel uncomfortable like they’re too

small and squeezing your head their

weight should be distributed between the

ears and nose not the cheeks your

eyelashes shouldn’t touch the lenses or

frames they also shouldn’t lean to one

side making you constantly adjust them

number 3 lens color grey lenses reduce

the intensity of light but they don’t

distort colors or affect contrast in any

way Brown lenses will affect the

contrast by blocking some blue light

this makes them perfect for winter

sports in the snow yellow or amber

lenses strengthen contrast as they block

almost all blue light remember because

they decrease color recognition they

aren’t the best sunglasses to wear while


blue and green lenses enhance yellow

contrasts so if you like to play tennis

these sunglasses are

exactly what you need number four

lens material you have to be careful

what material the lenses are made from

use only scratch resistant lenses

because sunglasses that get scratched

become useless lens is made from NXT

polyurethane are a great choice

they’re scratch resistant lightweight

durable flexible and have fantastic

optical clarity they are pretty

expensive though glass lenses are

heavier and not that cheap either

they also tend to spider if you’re

unlucky enough to drop your sunglasses

you may also choose polycarbonate lenses

this material isn’t a scratch resistant

and its optical clarity isn’t ideal but

the price is more affordable acrylic is

the most affordable option but lenses

made of this material are the least

durable and their optical clarity is the

worst Plus sunglasses with acrylic

lenses can sort of melt and deform when

exposed to heat number 5 test sunglasses

for UV protection take a UV flashlight

and shine it through the lens of the

sunglasses at any fluorescent object

like a pen cap an earphone speaker a

marker or a sticker the better the

glasses are at filtering out ultraviolet

light the fainter the object will glow

number six test sunglasses for

polarization polarized lenses filter out

reflected light remove glare and reduce

eye fatigue finding out whether your

glasses have polarized filters is super

easy just look at a reflective surface

with your bare eyes then put on the

glasses and look again if the glasses

are polarized the glare should disappear

you can also try rotating the glasses on

your head under certain angles the glare

will disappear and then reappear do you

have your own advice for finding the

perfect sunglasses tell us in the

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