Best Natural and Organic Makeup

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Good morning everyone and welcome back
to my channel I have my coffee in hand I
am filming in the kitchen
just because elves up for a nap and it’s
nice and bright in here so today’s video
is exciting because my I was back in
Canada I was I’m downtown in the city
and my friend actually told me about
this store called the detox market this
is their little bag here and everything
they sell is cruelty free natural
organic all that fun stuff so you guys
have been asking for a while now for
like that type of makeup tutorials so I
bought a bunch of stuff and that’s what
I’m going to do so if you guys want to
see me use some products that are just
really good like the ingredients are
amazing cruelty-free vegan natural all
that fun stuff then just keep on
watching okay so I didn’t get a primer
nothing new there because I’ve done over
the word primer but new foundation I
bought is by the way all the names of
these products I’ve never heard of
and they all have like interesting names
I don’t know if that’s like a natural
thing but this is called Sappho I’m
hoping is what it’s called
and it’s the new pair DM essentials
foundation and this is a liquid
foundation and I have in the shade Lisa
there is another range in this brand
that’s a little bit lighter this is the
more medium coverage definitely
definitely buildable but I got the more
medium coverage foundation just because
I felt like the natural one might not
have any coverage yes so I got the color
Lisa I’ve been wearing it non-stop like
I am such a fan of this I do know a
little bit of fake tan on so I’ll just
have to really blend it in here I’m just
going to take one pump on the back of my
hand here and I’m actually just going to
use my fingers to apply this I feel like
it’s the most natural application and I
tried using it with a brush and a Beauty
Blender and I just didn’t like the I
don’t know appearance of it as much as
to my fingers so I just kind of like it
this also smells incredible like it’s
very all of these products just most so
good because of the ingredients they’re
just all natural
and it just it smells like you’re going
to the spa your makeup okay that is the
foundation on as you can see it’s very
natural and buildable coverage but you
not gonna get like a full coverage look
out of that foundation but I don’t want
that I just want something that looks
like my skin but a little bit more
enhances I really love that just love
the finish that it gives on to concealer
I am very impressed with this concealer
considering the ingredients and I always
thought when I came to concealer you
needed you know a little bit more
coverage and I didn’t think that was
possible with natural makeup products so
this one is by the brand hint beauty
with a wide and it’s in the shade light
I believe it says duet on the back I
don’t know if there’s another range in
this brand but it’s duet perfecting
concealer in light definitely has a more
yellow warm undertone it’s in a little
pot like this kind of like the NARS soft
matte concealer or what’s that Mac
concealer anyways
very hydrating considering it is full
coverage it is very hydrating which I
love it I think that’s amazing so I’m
gonna put this under my eyes with my
finger just because I find anything that
has a little bit more coverage when it
comes to concealer blends out really
beautifully with your hand because
skin-on-skin contact is one of the best
tools you can use because it just melts
into the skin seamlessly bring it all
the way down and this side of my nose
here all of and I actually sucked it
until 10:30 so no bags to cover here
today but I just want to show you the
contrast between these like look at that
that was like the smallest amount on my
ring finger and it has incredible
coverage I just think that’s insane
now to set that all in place I’m gonna
use this powder foundation it is by
Alama pure says f it’s a pressed
foundation with rose hip antioxidant
complex and I have the shade sesame so
if you’re not a fan of
good foundation Anthony prefer a powder
foundation and it could definitely is
this does have a little bit more
coverage but I kind of liked the more
coverage powder just because I do have
more oily skin so I just thought this
was a good you know alternative to a
setting powder just to make sure that
the makeup less as long as possible so
I’m just taking it on a little stippling
brush tapping off any extra and just
really concentrating it on there she
waking up no just concentrating on the
areas that get a little bit oily
throughout the day oh no she is like
another alright hope please do you think
what do we do my makeup yeah okay now
all i’m swatching me i’m just gonna
continue finishing powdering my face
because i am getting a little oily
already just running around the house so
i want to make sure this lasts as long
as possible / i am going to an event
today it’s olives first event it’s for a
baby online baby store and it’s an
afternoon tea event which is great
because i’m hungry i can’t say you know
the bat so we’re headed off in a couple
of hours i don’t know about you but
having a baby she just likes to like eat
everything like she’ll grab my hair she
like bite my face shouldn’t have teeth
but like you know she just sucks
everything so knowing that these
products have really great ingredients
in them and they’re not harmful it’s
kind of a plus okay so the next product
which is bronzer I actually didn’t
purchase at detox market because I
forgot which is really interesting
because bronzer is one of my favorite
makeup products to put on my face so I
don’t have a bronzer but I went to
Sephora and I tried to oh is that funny
do you love bronzer dude she’s a promise
or girl and so I tried just asking for
the most you know natural cruelty-free
vegan bronzer they had it’s probably not
going to be as natural products or
natural ingredients as these other
products but bear with me here the Tarte
bronzer in hotel heiress I think they
have park
princess as well seemed a little pale
and maybe it’s not because this one’s a
really dark I’m just going to use this
and bronze and warm up this space it is
very pigmented and very dark so I
probably should have gone with Park
Avenue princess but it just looks so
light in the pan also gonna put a little
bit on my eyelids to create a little bit
of depth multi-purpose product guys I
feel like I never actually use eyeshadow
now resuming schedule with the detox
market products I picked up this
highlighter it is ritual to fill a file
today so funny I can’t pronounce it
rarely illuminizer
and this isn’t a shade and the lion and
lion where are these names coming from
anyway this is a cream product really
beautiful like a rose gold kind of
copper hue which i thought was kind of
I like warming this up on the back of my
hand just because it does have a little
bit of an attack attack on it am I just
so funny today I live you know just a
funny mom but you can just see here it
just has such a really you know natural
luminous rose gold hue to it so can you
use what’s on the back of my hand and
just start pressing that into your skin
and I just think it makes your skin look
dewy and healthy again using it on my
eyelids and oh this is so perfect if
you’re not really into like those
blinding highlighters which you know
every once in a while is nice to put on
but if you just want a subtle pretty
highlight I’m into this okay last
product here and this is a great
multi-purpose product it is definitely
the most expensive item in this entire
review makeup tutorial and whatever you
want to call it it is by the brand oh my
goodness this is the hardest ran to
pronounce cuz your we slice is always
you can
okay d pronouncing J haha what it’s a
cream blush but I’m gonna use it as a
cream eyeshadow I’ve cream blush and for
my lips and beautiful has a lot of
weight to it you can make this product
cheaper if you just want to buy the
insert that comes in here but then you
don’t have a case for it so I feel like
for I think it was like 25 dollars more
yes it’s a little bit much you did get a
case but it does come with a mirror it’s
very luxurious it has some weight to it
and obviously they’re refillable so once
you’re done with it you can just buy the
insert for the next purchase so it works
itself out anyways this is in the shade
blossoming love the name a really
beautiful universal shade new makeup
artist at a detox kitchen detox market
detox market was saying that this is the
shade that she uses on most of their
models whenever they do a photo shoot or
whatever and it just suits everyone so
good to know if you want just one
product out of this entire thing I
highly recommend this because you can
kind of use it all over your face
so just like the previous product I’m
gonna use on the back of my finger rub
it on the back of my hand and just press
this onto my skin it is gorgeous it’s
kind of like the same tone as the shirt
I’m wearing I’d like a little bit of a
mob undertone but it just really into
this color and it blends beautifully on
top of cream on top of powder because
we’ve used a couple of different powders
on our face but it doesn’t look heavy
that’s what I love with all these
products I’ve layered different textures
and it still looks like I’m not wearing
not much makeup which is amazing my eyes
as well you guys know I love using blush
on my eyelids brings the look together
and then lastly just gonna take this and
put it on my lips as well for my lip
color cuz it’s so beautiful
the live sheet as well less here so this
is the finish effect
it’s very dewy pink undertone it has a
little bit of a peachy rose gold hue to
it as well yeah I’m just so impressed
with these natural ingredients and these
products I feel like they really deliver
a nice effect to my face I’ve been
wearing them for the past two weeks I’ve
been loving them so I’m really happy to
do this tutorial for you guys and just
have another option for really great
natural vegan cruelty-free products for
you hopefully you enjoyed and I will
link them all down below and hopefully
they’re all worldwide shipping’s and
that would be amazing because I would
love for you to try them out as well
yeah I hope you guys all have a
wonderful day and I’ll talk to you guys
soon bye